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pumpkin seeds combo

Wonder Basket Pumpkin Seeds Combo pack of 2

    • Wonder Basket Pumpkin seeds are Raw, Unroasted, Deshelled seeds.

Gluten free; high in protein; Suitable for vegetarians.

They provide one of the plant based proteins.

Improves digestion immunity mental health and sleep.

Rich source of zinc magnesium potassium and vitamins e.

High in fibre hence promotes good digestive health.

Rich source of omega 3.

Hearts friends improves cardio health.

Storage Instruction: Store in cool dry place; Shelf Life: Best before 12 months from the date of manufacture. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.175 gram.

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flax sunflower pumpkin seeds combo

Wonder Basket Seeds Combo Pumpkin | Sunflower | Flax Seeds


Travelled the world to get the finest gourmet dry fruits, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, berries and dates. Indulge into the gourmet and grocery world of Wonder Basket with our natural nuts and dry fruits along with the unique dry fruit mixes, fusions and flavoured dry fruits, healthy seeds and dried berries specially crafted for your taste and health. Wonder Basketpacks brings health, happiness and love to gift to your colleagues, friends and family. We bring you the taste and health together in single pack in the finest of packing, packed in an art of the state facility, certification by FSSAI. Every Wonder Basket pack is a gift for every festive occasion.

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